Enjoy the moment…

You can only be able to get drench only when it rains. Making it artificially by pouring water on you doesn’t gives the exact feel as you feel while drenching in rain.

So does the life. Enjoy every second of the present moments. Create as much as more memories which gives you happiness at the last chapter of your life. You don’t want to feel for it later.

And age doesn’t come back. Do what you like to do today.

If today is a bad day that doesn’t mean tomorrow will have to be same. Time changes everything.

Enjoy the moment.

Be cool and stay cool.



Leave back your unnecessary past memories, carry only the experience from them. The more you hold, the more you suffer.

Even the memories may have some happy moments but when weighing with the amount of sadness, the happiness gets disappear.

The memories are stored in the soul, that’s why they are carried even to the afterlife.

It may take you long to handle your memories, but remember it can get success only after infinity failures.

The quick you learn, the quick you survive.

Be cool and stay cool.



The saying is,

keep the good memories and erase the bad memories.

Hmm!, it a good say. But, we the people has better memory of bad than good ones.

It’s not our fault, it’s just our nature.

When we are happy, we share the good old memories.

When an argument arouses then all the bad matter which happened in the past comes.

This happens with everyone in everyday life.

Everyone says that it’s good to forget about the bad happenings and move on the life.

But, my opinion is to keep that memory to push you high in your life. Make it to act as a motivational tool.

Many achievements has a bad memories of past.

So, try not forget anything in your life. Either it be good or bad.

Stay cool. Live free.