Your voices…

After you gone

I thought I was Free

But your voices, they

Always haunts Me.

I started to suffer

From more Pain

Because your voices

Brought your memories Again

Everyday in the nights,

I started a Weep

Because your voices

Disturbed my Sleep

You are no more,

I know that I am Aware

But your voices, they

Gave me Nightmares.

Be cool and stay cool.


Don’t ever come back…

Your beautiful lies

Were masterpiece

They never let me

To rest in peace.

Bound by your love

Been blinded for while

On opening my eyes

I saw your smile.

I threw away my love

Become anger losing the cool

Because behind all those smiles

The reason wasn’t my soul.

Don’t ever come back

Taking back my love

I won’t be down here

I will be well above.

Be cool and stay cool.

Love in heaven…

I want to live with you

Somewhere in the heaven

Because the life here

Is so uneven.

Happiness and sadness

Must be shared

I can’t live here more

I am so scared.

I wish there’s heaven

Up above the sky

If it is there

We shall give it a try.

To go there, first

We should bury ourselves

After reaching there, we can

Continue our life of loves.

Be cool and stay cool.


Never keep your heart always opened because everyone who comes in are not like as you thought. Keep the doors always closed.

If someone is truly loving you they will be enter into your heart even before you realise as no door can be able to stop the real love.

Be a rough hearted person because the world is like that and you can’t do anything still being a soft hearted person.

If your heart beats gets hyped because of seeing someone, it may not because of love. Since I believe that we get cool and composed along with every comfortable on seeing the true love.

Heart is the most important one to take care of. Keep it cool to enjoy your life.

Be cool and stay cool.