In pain…

Everything happening around fast yet my development is still slow.

Unable to bear the way the life is going.

Can’t able to concentrate on a single thing.

The routine of sleeping, eating is all changing,making things to get worse.

Lockdown has pushed all the hopes down.

No job at the moment. Trying my best with the book but can’t able to sit and write with these unsupportive environment. Pressure building inside but my family is in front of me. They can’t handle me if I look broken to them.

I am trying to be positive but there isn’t any words to describe my situation. Going back to the times of depression and day and night thinking of future causing all the damage.

I am trying to complete the book but due to the lack of concentration, the work is still on process.

I am on a cliff, standing without a hold. If the air blows behind me, I fall. If the air blows opposite of me, I fall back and starts to walk like before.

Life is hard.

Be cool and stay cool.