Live the life…







So, enjoy while being happy and fight when you are sad.

Be cool and stay cool.

Fight hard…

My advice for those who have fear as a barrier stopping them from going forward, First fight with your fear.

There is a high chance for creating a better world around you if you tries to become what you want.

Most of us leave our dream only as dream and settles in life in its drag.

You must not worry if you didn’t tried as hard as you can. Only those who missed the opportunity by situation can be worried. (I believe those will have a better future.)

Keep fighting. You are better than what you are capable of. Life isn’t hard. If it gives you everything simply, then there is no taste in having it.

Believe Become.

Be cool and stay cool.


Hi guys. Thank you for helping me to reach 500 followers. I would like to see this growth going on.

I am too happy for this achievement. Till today, I haven’t posted anything personal about me in this blog. I want you to comment down what you knew about me.

The right comments will be replied as 👍 and the wrong comments get 👎.

Another big announcement. I would like to write a book by getting help from you all. You all need to do is to mail me the best and worst situation in your life or from any other persons life.

I will combine them all and bind them into a book using my creativity mind. The book will analyse every situation of a depressed, stressed and every mentally related stuff.

I hope you will help me. You can send anything that you would like to see in that book.

Here’s the mail id.

Once again thank you all beautiful souls out there. You all will be in my memories forever.

One last request from you all. I know there are more people suffering from mental illness. I would like to collect details from them too. If you wish, you can post about it on your blog and give my mail id to send details. 😊