Will Die lonely…

In need of a hand

To hold my tear.

So that I can share

My feelings without fear.

I may look like a person

laughing in the crowd.

But you don’t know that I cry

Alone without making any sound.

I know that there are

a lot of people around me.

But I always feels

like a deserted tree.

Someday somebody is going to

Take me on my final journey.

But at that time my soul

Would have become forever lonely.

Be cool and stay cool.

Keep expectations low…

Well. Well. Well…

What to say. The day went very well. At the day’s beginning, I got messages from the loved ones. Exactly to be three or four. Those are the number of people I get wishes every year and also the real care takers of mine.

I have social media accounts but had hidden my DOB in them. So only few of mine knows that today is more birthday.

But when the day get going, I got messages from many unexpected persons in my inbox. A lot of people who I didn’t expect and some who were once stayed close with me and leaved me in halfway.

Then I came to know that one of my close buddy have posted about my birthday and tagged me in one of the social media account. As he has a lot of friends, including many of mine, everyone knew the news and started wishing me privately.

I had always kept my expectations low, I replied to each and everyone formally because we have to respect everyone including the enemy except the Traitor.

The day went well or I have to say that It went like that but as a kind hearted person I was still hurt a lot because of some people’s reentry in my life who once gave me unbearable pain.

I don’t know what to do. I still have love for them in my heart but also not ready to get hurt once again. Anyways….

Be cool and stay cool.