It is hard to rely on people now a days. The more you rely, the more you suffer. You want to have a heart where you must say bye to the people who wants to get out of your life.

You are the one who is gonna be with you till last. You may have someone now but the time will show you the result.

It’s hard to leave the person you love but if you wanna keep up your life, then you should have to be hard.

Clouds may fizzle but they still float, like that people may come and go but the memories will stay.

One thing for sure, don’t think what the people are outside, they may totally different of what you see. To believe this, you know whom you are but you will be living a fake life outside.

Be cool and stay cool.


Our whole life gets finished by finding the answers. We ran in search of an answer without knowing that it is a mystery and cannot be found but still wanna find it out. The question is,


Everyone has a different answer about their life but we always wants to copy others.

It may be fit for that person but if you think you want a same life like that, then you are not capable of changing your fate.

If you really wanna change your life, work hard. Write your own answer and change the fate of you.

If you studied well and wrote the exam then there is no need to worry about your result.

Be cool and stay cool.


A man gets wisdom mostly after doing something wrong.

When something went wrong which he cannot planned for or ends in as a disaster.

So, why can’t you get that wisdom before doing something and get prepared for any kind of results.

Once or twice is the apologise can be taken. More than twice you do the same mistake, it becomes as a unforgivable.

Wisdom makes a man better.

It can’t be taught, it can only be gained from the experience you get from your past life.

Live cool with wisdom.

Because the world is full of cheats.


Know your limits. When you reach your limits, push your limits further.

Because, limits has no limits.

You just mark in the time line of limits to achieve a goal.

If you think you can push harder, then you must increase the limits and achieve the highest reach.

For you it may be the highest range but someone can go beyond if they can.

Limits are set to make you think to achieve anything.

Those who are brave and strong will only push their limits.

Push your limits.

Stay cool.



The saying is,

keep the good memories and erase the bad memories.

Hmm!, it a good say. But, we the people has better memory of bad than good ones.

It’s not our fault, it’s just our nature.

When we are happy, we share the good old memories.

When an argument arouses then all the bad matter which happened in the past comes.

This happens with everyone in everyday life.

Everyone says that it’s good to forget about the bad happenings and move on the life.

But, my opinion is to keep that memory to push you high in your life. Make it to act as a motivational tool.

Many achievements has a bad memories of past.

So, try not forget anything in your life. Either it be good or bad.

Stay cool. Live free.


The world is so beautiful to live on.

The beauty is not that which we see by our naked eye. It is way down hidden in our heart. We have to sense it.

Every ugly thing is once a beautiful material.

So does our life but it often works in opposite. First it shows the ugly side, then enters in the beautiful side.

But once it enters, it should be handled with care.

Don’t get dejected by the ugly life, soon it shows us the beautiful side.

Until then live cool and keep fighting.



Live cool…

The major problem for today’s most people is worrying about the fact, what will others think of us if do that (something which we like to do, but afraid of others.)

You think is that a right way of living. Thinking, worrying, afraid of theirs.

Looks good as others appreciate your way of living, having respect, making good name in the society.

But, the feel that heart gains. The pain that buried deep inside you. The life you lived doesn’t make sense.

When you are aged and look back at your memories, you can’t find you. The all others who you afraid of will stood their.

And the thought will come on your mind at least a second will be “what a waste of life I have lived.”

Think. Live cool. Don’t let others ruin your Life.

There is always time to start new life even if it lasts few seconds, but the happiness you get of that will last longer.

Stress relief…

The most important cause for stress now a days is due to the society around you. You have to live according to the society.

For most of us it makes very uncomfortable for living. We can’t do anything that make us happy.

So, do whatever you want to do. It may be inside your house or outside. Just don’t consider them. No-one in the outside world will be happy if you looks happy.

Just enjoy your life.