Leave back your unnecessary past memories, carry only the experience from them. The more you hold, the more you suffer.

Even the memories may have some happy moments but when weighing with the amount of sadness, the happiness gets disappear.

The memories are stored in the soul, that’s why they are carried even to the afterlife.

It may take you long to handle your memories, but remember it can get success only after infinity failures.

The quick you learn, the quick you survive.

Be cool and stay cool.


It is good to gain more knowledge. Knowing the essentials on a daily basis will keep you up with the day to day life.

Learn more lessons. Lessons give you experience. Experience develops maturity and maturity makes you to learn more.

It makes easy to solve a problem, if you have an idea what to do on that occasion and that is gained by only means of learning.

Never stop learning. Love to learn.

Be cool and stay cool.