Feeling alone…

All though this feel is not new but nowadays being alone gives me the feel of being in a grave where I am able to see, hear, move and do all the things as a normal being but without heart.

It is always broken, no matter how many times you wish to fix it. It always finds a way to be in such state, so there is no meaning of giving a try to fix it.

Crying like a child as I am unable to speak but it is hurting me inside. I need a permanent third hand which is always there for me in every situation. I am seeking it but was unable to find it as there is no such thing for me, I think.

Thousands of questions are still running on my mind which is making me to run to find the answers. Life is still struggling.

No more tears are coming out from my eyes as it too loses the hope that my hand will come to wipe it out.

Be cool and stay cool.


Be alone…

Enjoy the moments of being alone. Don’t go in search of a heart breaker. Everything will be fine if you stays alone.

Human needs support but now a days people earn less solution from others and earn more problems.

In this world of race win on your own. Never depend on others to live your life. Until your inner soul tells it’s okay to have someone.

Everyone is temporary in your life. You have to admit this fact.

The person opposes will sooner or later gonna experience it. Believe me.

(you may think that everyone have parents or life partner or children or friends. But here what I mean is not about living but about being. Know the difference.)

Be cool and stay cool.