You will be fine…

How happy you are

After leaving Me

To struggle in

The middle of Sea

You promised me

To be my Royal

But you just showed me

The real face of Betrayal

I won’t forget

As the wounds don’t Heal

Also your spilled words

That makes me to Feel

Unable to curse you, even

After you gave me Pain

Because I promised you that

I always wanted to keep you Fine.

Be cool and stay cool


You are born by giving pain to mother and die giving pain to your loved ones.

Between these you suffer pain to equal those two occasions.

To whom you praise, never gives the pain which cannot be bearable by the soul.

Have to pass through it at bad times which makes value for the smiles at goods times later.

Fight hard, one day you are gonna wake up with a smile with the sunshine falling on your beautiful face and feeling the happiness inside your deep soul.

Till then, NEVER GIVE UP.

Be cool and stay cool.


Never feel for someone who back stabbed you because your feelings doesn’t hurt him, but the revenge will.

And the revenge will only hurt him mentally not physically.

I am talking this not in a violence manner, but there are some who can be perfected by only means as I said above.

Never loose you respect anytime, anywhere.

If someone is backstabbing you that means he is afraid of you. Don’t fear, truth will only win but takes time.

Be cool and stay cool.