Oh! God.

Please give me some extra time in a day to spend on blog.

The time I open my eyes at morning to the the time I close on the night goes just like that.

Working in a job is essential to survive, but to reduce the Stress I get from it, I have to spend time over blog. So that people who knows me well will help me in coping the stress.

Hear my prayer, my creator.

Be cool and stay cool.

Enjoy the moment…

You can only be able to get drench only when it rains. Making it artificially by pouring water on you doesn’t gives the exact feel as you feel while drenching in rain.

So does the life. Enjoy every second of the present moments. Create as much as more memories which gives you happiness at the last chapter of your life. You don’t want to feel for it later.

And age doesn’t come back. Do what you like to do today.

If today is a bad day that doesn’t mean tomorrow will have to be same. Time changes everything.

Enjoy the moment.

Be cool and stay cool.


Good days are not far but no one is ready to wait. Not everything will come in a quick manner. Life is an example for it.

Time has the solution for every problems. It is the only hope a hopeless man can have.

Never ruin your life on your own hands. To face the problem, take your own time but face it bravely.

If today is not a good day, there is always tomorrow. Wait for your turn. Time is everything.

Be cool and stay cool.