Fake smiles…

Don’t know why?

But thinks that, as I started to cry when I was born and still Crying from that moment.

Everyone was happy to hear the sound of Crying when I was born. Today also the fake people around me likes to see me Crying to become happy.

I smiled , really I smiled at every instances but only my face mask gives that reaction of smiling not my soul.

I want to smile from my bottom of my heart at least once in my lifetime. It is okay to me that if it happens even at the time of my deathbed. But, sure want to smile.

Just a small desire of mine that not to die with the fake smiles in my whole life.

Be cool and stay cool.


Never let someone to shatter your dreams.

You are the one who will taste the success.

Allowing someone in the path you are going will distract you.

Success may come late.

Keep the eagerness same as it was at the starting till the end.

If everything in life becomes simple it will start boring too early.

Positivity is the best weapon to reach the goal.

Accept everything by smile.

Be cool and stay cool.


Smile, when life gives you difficulties. Smile, when life gives you success.

Keep your smile even in the pain. It may not heal it but gives a will power to bear it.

Keep the smile on your face who back bites you. And show your smiley face who tells you that you can’t success in life.

Because if you smile even after getting success, they will feel ashamed and try to become closer to you. Which increases a friendly bond with them.

But when you smile only after getting success, it may be look correct in your point of view.

But, actually it increases the hate between you. So, keep the smile everytime same.

Careful with those who makes friendship with you. Because, people who back bites and talk negative will always be the same even after joining with you.

The human characters cannot be changed.

Smile and let the success smile with you.