Close your eyes. Imagine the best thing to happen in your life. Lead your life towards it. Never look back. Don’t stop your moments. Forget everyone who stops you. Neglect those who tries to convert your mind. Peace is the key. Patience is the power. The will power should keep you pushing towards it. Remember, there is only one life and only one chance to make it. If you wish to be happy, then achieve it. Its your life, you can do it, You only can. Make your heart strong. Be ready to face everything. Promise to yourself. Harder the way, softer the life. Fight.

Be cool and stay cool.


Pray for the best to happen. Believe that there is something powerful than us. Gain the Positivity from it.

We are temporary. But there is a force which is permanent from even before we born and will exist even after we die.

Everything happened, happening and will happen is for good. To me it is a well written script. And no one will be able to change it.

Pray for yourself and pray for others as well. Nothing will be lose due to it. Believe everything will be fine and good will occur soon.

Be cool and stay cool.


Good days are not far but no one is ready to wait. Not everything will come in a quick manner. Life is an example for it.

Time has the solution for every problems. It is the only hope a hopeless man can have.

Never ruin your life on your own hands. To face the problem, take your own time but face it bravely.

If today is not a good day, there is always tomorrow. Wait for your turn. Time is everything.

Be cool and stay cool.

Be alone…

Enjoy the moments of being alone. Don’t go in search of a heart breaker. Everything will be fine if you stays alone.

Human needs support but now a days people earn less solution from others and earn more problems.

In this world of race win on your own. Never depend on others to live your life. Until your inner soul tells it’s okay to have someone.

Everyone is temporary in your life. You have to admit this fact.

The person opposes will sooner or later gonna experience it. Believe me.

(you may think that everyone have parents or life partner or children or friends. But here what I mean is not about living but about being. Know the difference.)

Be cool and stay cool.


Never share everything about you to someone. Young must have some privacy. It is just for your own sake.

It is good to have someone with whom you can share something which is personal to you but everything has a limit.

You should not feel tomorrow for what you shared yesterday because people are never same as always.

And try not to known everything about someone against his will. It is neither good for you nor them.

Know what to share and what to hide.

Be cool and stay cool.


Leave back your unnecessary past memories, carry only the experience from them. The more you hold, the more you suffer.

Even the memories may have some happy moments but when weighing with the amount of sadness, the happiness gets disappear.

The memories are stored in the soul, that’s why they are carried even to the afterlife.

It may take you long to handle your memories, but remember it can get success only after infinity failures.

The quick you learn, the quick you survive.

Be cool and stay cool.


Keep your hands on the chest and make it cool and tell inside your mind that everything is gonna be alright soon in a way of good or bad.

There is no time for waiting because the more time you wait is equal to the more time you waste.

The life is a long journey but everything inside it will be short.

Don’t think too much of anything, thinking is hazardous to brain.

Thinking more leads to stress and depression.

Feel free to live. Don’t think what other people will think about you.

It’s your life, live it as you like as long as you can.

Be cool and stay cool.


I can bear the pain but tears fell down from my eyes.

My soul is crying inside, I am unable to stop it.

No hands came to the rescue and my own hands doesn’t want to wipe the tears.

Don’t want to get rid of that pain as it will find another way to surprise me.

Wants to live with the pain my whole life.

Some how I believing, that the above one will solve all my problems.

Or Else I will go there to tell that I failed to live the life you gave me.

Be cool and stay cool.