My wishes…

I want to cry,

Not for sadness but for happiness.

I want to eat,

Not for my body but for my sleep.

I want to sleep,

Not to take rest but to dream.

I need a hand,

Not for pushing me down

but for pulling me up.

I want a break,

Not from rushed life but from lonely life.

I want to go high,

Not by dying but by flying.

Be cool and stay cool.



We cry for little things,

We get afraid of nothing.

We dump huge love on others,

But they throw us just like a bird shed its


We welcome stress and were living together

with depression,

So no new worries and nothing will make

us tension.

We want to fly high in the sky like a bird,

But were living in deep underground because

We are still afraid.

Who are we? Asked someone,

But I refused to answer,

because everyone knows,

Who we are.


You are born by giving pain to mother and die giving pain to your loved ones.

Between these you suffer pain to equal those two occasions.

To whom you praise, never gives the pain which cannot be bearable by the soul.

Have to pass through it at bad times which makes value for the smiles at goods times later.

Fight hard, one day you are gonna wake up with a smile with the sunshine falling on your beautiful face and feeling the happiness inside your deep soul.

Till then, NEVER GIVE UP.

Be cool and stay cool.


Being fast in everything is too danger but when it comes in knowing about a person, then you must have to act fast.

Knowing a person by their activities is the main thing you should see first.

Never believe a person who complaints about others to you because they are surely complaining about you to others. Look at the person how they describe about others to you and the exact same way they describe about you to someone.

Quickly learn above a person who enters newly in your life. Being too slow in this matter will lead you to suffer later.

Be fast and at the same time be clever.

Be cool and stay cool.

Enjoy the moment…

You can only be able to get drench only when it rains. Making it artificially by pouring water on you doesn’t gives the exact feel as you feel while drenching in rain.

So does the life. Enjoy every second of the present moments. Create as much as more memories which gives you happiness at the last chapter of your life. You don’t want to feel for it later.

And age doesn’t come back. Do what you like to do today.

If today is a bad day that doesn’t mean tomorrow will have to be same. Time changes everything.

Enjoy the moment.

Be cool and stay cool.

Fake smiles…

Don’t know why?

But thinks that, as I started to cry when I was born and still Crying from that moment.

Everyone was happy to hear the sound of Crying when I was born. Today also the fake people around me likes to see me Crying to become happy.

I smiled , really I smiled at every instances but only my face mask gives that reaction of smiling not my soul.

I want to smile from my bottom of my heart at least once in my lifetime. It is okay to me that if it happens even at the time of my deathbed. But, sure want to smile.

Just a small desire of mine that not to die with the fake smiles in my whole life.

Be cool and stay cool.


The meaning of understand will only be understood when you understands the understanding between birth and death.

All the things in this world have an understanding between each other things. It is kinda some long word, which also suits its value.

The world runs on a understanding manner. Life is running around it.

Everything will be alright if there is a strong understanding.

Be cool and stay cool.


Believe in yourself.

Believe that you can do it.

Believe that there is an unknown power above us.

Believe that the future will be as you like.

Believe that you are going in a right way.

Believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Believe in those who believes in you.

Believe that truth will win.

Believe that you are the coolest one.

Believe. Become.

Be cool and stay cool.


Converting your thoughts from the one which is hurting you is the best way to avoid being depressed. The thing which makes you happy is upon you.

If you love something and wants to do it, just do it. Don’t listen to others. You can only make yourself happy.

Depression never has a permanent cure. If one thing gets solved, the other one gets evolve to make us depressed.

Try to be cool and live a happy live.

Be cool and stay cool.