Love in heaven…

I want to live with you

Somewhere in the heaven

Because the life here

Is so uneven.

Happiness and sadness

Must be shared

I can’t live here more

I am so scared.

I wish there’s heaven

Up above the sky

If it is there

We shall give it a try.

To go there, first

We should bury ourselves

After reaching there, we can

Continue our life of loves.

Be cool and stay cool.


Never keep your heart always opened because everyone who comes in are not like as you thought. Keep the doors always closed.

If someone is truly loving you they will be enter into your heart even before you realise as no door can be able to stop the real love.

Be a rough hearted person because the world is like that and you can’t do anything still being a soft hearted person.

If your heart beats gets hyped because of seeing someone, it may not because of love. Since I believe that we get cool and composed along with every comfortable on seeing the true love.

Heart is the most important one to take care of. Keep it cool to enjoy your life.

Be cool and stay cool.


There was a bird, which fly not like other birds. But, with happiness, an eagerness, a joyfully as there is nothing beautiful more than flying high.

It loves the sky, more and more.

But, it wasn’t liked by some. As a result, one day it’s feather was broken accidently.

Therefore it wasn’t able fly and misses the sky.

It cried, cried, cried….

As it’s Crying makes the sky worried. So,

The sky came down

For the broken bird.


Be cool and stay cool.


Nothing can match the pain you get from a loss. It may be a human lose, a thing or anything.

The loss of a closed ones is unbearable. Many lose their way of life after such kind of tragedies.

The loss of a loved one is equal to that a soul getting away from the body.

Never love anyone too much if you can’t live without them. There is no way to get heal from such pain.

You may think that you are brave heart person but once you get struck by the pain of a loss, then you will understand how weak you are.

The death of ours will never hurt us but the death of our loved ones will definitely hurt.

(There was a man who was in feeling of loss of his parents. He never mingled with anyone. But after a few days, he got a friend and he was slowly coming out from that thoughts and started living a good life. But suddenly his friend also get met with an accident and dies. This totally broke his heart and he also died in few days due to the stress.)