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A help from you…

I want to control me from expecting lot. I know it will lead me to a disappointment. But what should a lonely man do except expecting.

I know there are more like me around. I got a little hope when you people comment that you are here to care for me. Thank you so much for all of you.

To overcome my loneliness, I started blogging and from the hope I gathered from it motivated me to push me up by showing the hidden talent of writing books.

I posted about it on my yesterday’s post. I too shared it on my social media accounts. Got satisfied by the response.

But, what disappointed me was the selling of my book. I am still waiting for a copy to be sold. I know that everyone aren’t same. Only few people’s love reading. And it is hard to find those for me.

Here I am, asking you to do me a favour. I just want you to share my work with the people who loves to read. If you could really want to help, you can have the links from my Yesterday’s blog post.

It will be nice if I find a reader for my work.

Thank you in advance.

Be cool and stay cool.