Never keep your heart always opened because everyone who comes in are not like as you thought. Keep the doors always closed.

If someone is truly loving you they will be enter into your heart even before you realise as no door can be able to stop the real love.

Be a rough hearted person because the world is like that and you can’t do anything still being a soft hearted person.

If your heart beats gets hyped because of seeing someone, it may not because of love. Since I believe that we get cool and composed along with every comfortable on seeing the true love.

Heart is the most important one to take care of. Keep it cool to enjoy your life.

Be cool and stay cool.


Don’t find fault in me, I know that I was wrong and I am the one who is responsible for it. If you ever find a fault then correct me, just don’t announce it to everyone as none of you have done anything wrong.

I had made mistakes and I will correct it soon. And tomorrow too if I make another one, it too can be corrected by me later.

For those who backbite the fault in me, you have no right to do so it.

Those who encourage me during my bad times and clapped for my good deeds only has the right to shout at me while doing a mistake and they can lead me away from doing anything wrong in the future.

To be precise, those who are fake around me, please get out of my life. Even if a single person stand beside me, I am totally happy for it.

A broken heart doesn’t like to broke another heart because it has felt the pain and doesn’t want anyone to felt it.

Be cool and stay cool.

Feeling alone…

All though this feel is not new but nowadays being alone gives me the feel of being in a grave where I am able to see, hear, move and do all the things as a normal being but without heart.

It is always broken, no matter how many times you wish to fix it. It always finds a way to be in such state, so there is no meaning of giving a try to fix it.

Crying like a child as I am unable to speak but it is hurting me inside. I need a permanent third hand which is always there for me in every situation. I am seeking it but was unable to find it as there is no such thing for me, I think.

Thousands of questions are still running on my mind which is making me to run to find the answers. Life is still struggling.

No more tears are coming out from my eyes as it too loses the hope that my hand will come to wipe it out.

Be cool and stay cool.

Talk within your heart…

It is the best you can do to be successful in your life. Talk within your heart, listen to it carefully every time. It only tells you to do good deeds.

Sometimes it goes crazy over someone. Control the moment. Because at that time it doesn’t want you to control yourself. Don’t fall for it.

Do the things as it says. Never do anything when a second thought evolves.

The second thought evolves mostly due to fear. If your heart isn’t strong enough just stop what you are going to do.

There are some people who has let something in their heart and become rough. But if you want everyone happy, don’t let that something called hate.

It is like a disease to the heart.

Live bold.

Be cool and stay cool.

Do by heart…

Your heart will always be right.

According to me the brain thinks the way to keeps us happy. But the heart says to do things which makes others around us to be happy.

Most of the person who goes by the way of heart are nowadays considered as rough persons.

Brain is to think the way that heart tells us to do.

Those who understands this will become a matured one and can able to handle things during hard times.

So, always go by heart and do by heart.

Be cool and stay cool.