Fight hard…

My advice for those who have fear as a barrier stopping them from going forward, First fight with your fear.

There is a high chance for creating a better world around you if you tries to become what you want.

Most of us leave our dream only as dream and settles in life in its drag.

You must not worry if you didn’t tried as hard as you can. Only those who missed the opportunity by situation can be worried. (I believe those will have a better future.)

Keep fighting. You are better than what you are capable of. Life isn’t hard. If it gives you everything simply, then there is no taste in having it.

Believe Become.

Be cool and stay cool.


Close your eyes. Imagine the best thing to happen in your life. Lead your life towards it. Never look back. Don’t stop your moments. Forget everyone who stops you. Neglect those who tries to convert your mind. Peace is the key. Patience is the power. The will power should keep you pushing towards it. Remember, there is only one life and only one chance to make it. If you wish to be happy, then achieve it. Its your life, you can do it, You only can. Make your heart strong. Be ready to face everything. Promise to yourself. Harder the way, softer the life. Fight.

Be cool and stay cool.


The world is so beautiful to live on.

The beauty is not that which we see by our naked eye. It is way down hidden in our heart. We have to sense it.

Every ugly thing is once a beautiful material.

So does our life but it often works in opposite. First it shows the ugly side, then enters in the beautiful side.

But once it enters, it should be handled with care.

Don’t get dejected by the ugly life, soon it shows us the beautiful side.

Until then live cool and keep fighting.



Learn to fight…

It is always good to be a double minded person. Only for your thoughts, not for others.

You know you are doing wrong and you do it because it gives happiness to you.

Learn to fight with your own thoughts. Go, stand in front of a mirror. Ask to you that you are doing it right or wrong by analysing the matter.

This will make you mentally strong and after few days you can have a 100% positivity on you on doing anything.

The will power of you will become the success formula in your life. Stay cool on everything. Anger will never help you in your decisions.

The war between heart and mind is good for you. Go with the right one.

Cool minds never lose, soft hearts alway wins.