Happy at last…

I am happy to share my work here.

It is short but deep.

If you are interested, give it a try.

My book


Another heartbreak…

My close friends mom died today.

She was another mother to me in all respects.

She was the world for my friend.

Though his dad knew that she is in last stage of life, he hide it from my friend so that he can be happy with her till last breath.

I came to know about this only after her death.

He is completely broken. I am completely shocked and confused at the same time now knowing how to convince him.

The coming days are going to be so hard.

She died of kidney failure. Lung failure. Had heart disease. Diabetes and high BP.

She was struggling with all and I believe she got freedom from all the pain today but made us cry for while.


Sad of sudden death…

I am deeply hurt because of the sudden death of one of my neighbour. He committed suicide by eating poisoned food.

He was so humble with everyone. A nice guy with great attitude. Always smile while seeing others.

I don’t know the exact reason for his decision but some tell that it is because of money matter.

He was a middle aged man. No words were to describe his good manners. Has a small beautiful family with a girl and boy.

The more sad news is that he told his wife that he had ate poisoned food after returning home. He was soon taken to the hospital where he didn’t cooperate with the doctors and shouted that he want to die so don’t save. His final wish came true as doctors were unable to save him because he was admitted too late and used heavy poison.

The death is the only known future of every person. It is going to come somehow. Until that, we have to live stronger and better. There are more cases like this are evolving in our society.

Don’t know when it is all going to end.

Be cool and stay cool.


Expectation–> Disappointment–> Depression –> Death.

Never live your life on expectations.

Expectations are for those who has the capability to achieve what they expect.

And some doesn’t expect anything in their life. They goes on their own way in the daily routine.

And we the people who lives in middle, Expect a lot and then gets disappointed.

Am telling this not for all cases. We can expect of something in our life.

But we live our full life on expectations only. That is not a good thing.

For example:

If you are married, you can expect a child. Its okay.

But when you expect a boy and you gets a girl, you will be disappointed.

At that time you don’t want to get disappoint. You should continue your life with what you have.

So, reduce your expectations. Whatever you have in life and gets after this, you should be thankful for it.

Live cool and be happy.