A help from you…

I want to control me from expecting lot. I know it will lead me to a disappointment. But what should a lonely man do except expecting.

I know there are more like me around. I got a little hope when you people comment that you are here to care for me. Thank you so much for all of you.

To overcome my loneliness, I started blogging and from the hope I gathered from it motivated me to push me up by showing the hidden talent of writing books.

I posted about it on my yesterday’s post. I too shared it on my social media accounts. Got satisfied by the response.

But, what disappointed me was the selling of my book. I am still waiting for a copy to be sold. I know that everyone aren’t same. Only few people’s love reading. And it is hard to find those for me.

Here I am, asking you to do me a favour. I just want you to share my work with the people who loves to read. If you could really want to help, you can have the links from my Yesterday’s blog post.

It will be nice if I find a reader for my work.

Thank you in advance.

Be cool and stay cool.

Struggling now but will smile later…

Hope my writing in this blog is good. I feel comfortable to share my sorrows with you.

I started writing this blog in a way to help others by my words.

I isolated myself from others but found that I was not alone and there are more like me here.

During my early stages of blog I was so depressed and started sharing it here which gave me some relief.

I can’t say that I am out of depression now but the only good thing is that I found a way to be in control over the unnecessary thoughts running in my mind.

Over the period by reading more and more blogs, I understand what my life is going through but still not able to found a way out of it.

Recently I started publishing books(short stories) and my next book will talk about mental health. Writing this book is so hard but trying hard to complete it soon.

Hoping my days will come soon because I am starting to loose myself and having a fear that I will become a complete looser. I pray God to be with me always.

This journey with this blog will continue and I have hope that I will soon start to write about how I overcame the obstacles of life in near future and help others through it.

Be cool and stay cool.

Help me…

Hello everyone. 🙁🙁🙁

Yesterday, I started this new year with so much expectation but what I get is a total upset.

The reason is that I introduced myself as an author to my friends in social media by posting my book images and giving them links to buy.

Very few commented on those post but not a single person did bought my book. Even though I smiled in front of my family members as I don’t want them to get disappoint because of me, deep inside I was totally stressed and my eyes are trying to shed tears.

I am writing this post on blog hoping this family will help me by buying my recent book “A CALM STORM”.

This book is totally free for the next five days and you can purchase it here.

It is a short fictional story and you will just love it.

You just have to read it for free and give some reviews if you can.

Thank you.

My other books can be found here.

Be cool and stay cool.

Helping hands…

My hope is that you will buy my book and give it a review.

The book is free at least for next 2 to 3 days.

Buy it and read it.

It only takes a maximum of two hours to completely finish the book.

PRESS THIS LINK to access the book.

Or else you can also search “ THE REVENGE OF KISE ” in amazon or kindle.

This link is about my AUTHOR PAGE, where you can find more details about me and my books.

Thank you. 😊

Helping a person will benefit you in every way. In this case, you are my helping hands.

I believe that this book won’t waste your time, Instead giving a valuable thought for life.

Be cool and stay cool.