Helping hands…

My hope is that you will buy my book and give it a review.

The book is free at least for next 2 to 3 days.

Buy it and read it.

It only takes a maximum of two hours to completely finish the book.

PRESS THIS LINK to access the book.

Or else you can also search “ THE REVENGE OF KISE ” in amazon or kindle.

This link is about my AUTHOR PAGE, where you can find more details about me and my books.

Thank you. 😊

Helping a person will benefit you in every way. In this case, you are my helping hands.

I believe that this book won’t waste your time, Instead giving a valuable thought for life.

Be cool and stay cool.

My New book…

Hope you all love this new short story. It is a beautiful story with every emotions mixed perfectly to give readers both happiness and sadness.

As you know this is only my second book and bless me to move forward by giving reviews.

Both positive and negative comments and reviews are welcomed.

You can buy book from here.

Here is my link of my Author page. You can also find my books here.

Be cool and stay cool.

My first book…

Hello guys.

I have published a book on Kindle.


It is my first book and hope you all like it.

Support me as much as you can by buying it and reviewing it.

Your small help will help me a lot.

Don’t forget to share with your friends if you find it valuable.

Hope this journey goes well.

God bless everyone.

Be cool and stay cool.