Struggling now but will smile later…

Hope my writing in this blog is good. I feel comfortable to share my sorrows with you.

I started writing this blog in a way to help others by my words.

I isolated myself from others but found that I was not alone and there are more like me here.

During my early stages of blog I was so depressed and started sharing it here which gave me some relief.

I can’t say that I am out of depression now but the only good thing is that I found a way to be in control over the unnecessary thoughts running in my mind.

Over the period by reading more and more blogs, I understand what my life is going through but still not able to found a way out of it.

Recently I started publishing books(short stories) and my next book will talk about mental health. Writing this book is so hard but trying hard to complete it soon.

Hoping my days will come soon because I am starting to loose myself and having a fear that I will become a complete looser. I pray God to be with me always.

This journey with this blog will continue and I have hope that I will soon start to write about how I overcame the obstacles of life in near future and help others through it.

Be cool and stay cool.


Make me happy

I am too sad

Believe in me

I am not that bad.

In the nights

I too see dreams

But after you left me

I woke up in screams.

I know you like me

You have to own me

You can’t leave me

Because you loved me.

I know you won’t

Sense my pain

So all these words

Go in vein.

Once you told

Not like me many

But now had leaved me

To suffer in agony.

Be cool and stay cool.