Happy at last…

I am happy to share my work here.

It is short but deep.

If you are interested, give it a try.

My book



Oh! God.

Please give me some extra time in a day to spend on blog.

The time I open my eyes at morning to the the time I close on the night goes just like that.

Working in a job is essential to survive, but to reduce the Stress I get from it, I have to spend time over blog. So that people who knows me well will help me in coping the stress.

Hear my prayer, my creator.

Be cool and stay cool.


Pray for the best to happen. Believe that there is something powerful than us. Gain the Positivity from it.

We are temporary. But there is a force which is permanent from even before we born and will exist even after we die.

Everything happened, happening and will happen is for good. To me it is a well written script. And no one will be able to change it.

Pray for yourself and pray for others as well. Nothing will be lose due to it. Believe everything will be fine and good will occur soon.

Be cool and stay cool.


Close your eyes. Pray for what you want. A way will be shown sooner or later. If you don’t believe in it, no problem. But believe that there is something greater than us all.

Nowadays, we have time to shout at him and only be praised during our wellness. Thank him every second for what he has given.

Giving and taking back will be his wish. No one can change it. For that, you don’t have to change. Be same.

Love all and be loved by all. Sooner the world is going on a way where everyone likes to be alone. There will be no one to take care for you. But, he will be there for you till last and even after in the afterlife.

Be cool and stay cool.