Happy at last…

I am happy to share my work here.

It is short but deep.

If you are interested, give it a try.

My book



Hope the day went better for everyone.

Spread the love to the world without seeking anything in return.

Become happy by creating smiles on others face.

Keep your heart clean and your mind clear creating stress less life.

Try to come out of depression with the best possible way and in a quickest manner.

Help others in every possible way and don’t leave back, whom came to you with trust.

Be cool and stay cool.

Take positively…

Problem is the friend who wants you to move forward by facing him. Afterwards when he goes, will introduce you to a new friend named Experience.

Risk is the factor that shows how brave you are to the world. The way you solve will show how matured you are.

Sadness comes just to give some rest to the happiness.

Take positively everything because each and everything has a meaning in life.

Lessons learned from the past step will guide you safely to the next step.

Always there is something good in bad.

Be cool and stay cool.