Happy at last…

I am happy to share my work here.

It is short but deep.

If you are interested, give it a try.

My book



Close your eyes. Imagine the best thing to happen in your life. Lead your life towards it. Never look back. Don’t stop your moments. Forget everyone who stops you. Neglect those who tries to convert your mind. Peace is the key. Patience is the power. The will power should keep you pushing towards it. Remember, there is only one life and only one chance to make it. If you wish to be happy, then achieve it. Its your life, you can do it, You only can. Make your heart strong. Be ready to face everything. Promise to yourself. Harder the way, softer the life. Fight.

Be cool and stay cool.


Life will love you if you have peace in yourself.

Don’t care about others, just look at you and find who you are.

If you want your life to be meaningful then find peace in yourself.

All the other things will come on its own way.

You may be need to fight but not without peace.

Your life will get smooth once you understand the value of peace.

Be cool and stay cool.