You will be fine…

How happy you are

After leaving Me

To struggle in

The middle of Sea

You promised me

To be my Royal

But you just showed me

The real face of Betrayal

I won’t forget

As the wounds don’t Heal

Also your spilled words

That makes me to Feel

Unable to curse you, even

After you gave me Pain

Because I promised you that

I always wanted to keep you Fine.

Be cool and stay cool


One day to go for,

End of a year.

End of a decade.

Lets we think about the past. The majority of people will have negative memories, worst decisions, nightmares, blah blah blah…

Kept aside everything. Dig deep inside and figure out the memories in which you smiled, laughed, shed tears of joy.

You would say that we smile everyday hiding behind the pain. But here, don’t think of that because we have to overcome that habit.

Only those moments in which you enjoyed yourself forgetting all your pain and burst into laughter unknowingly.

If you successfully get those memories, congrats. Enjoy the last day with those memories and try to add this last day into one of the those memories.

(For people who still can’t able to smile due to unable of forgetting the pain, don’t worry. I will pray for you and be with you in a bond.

I can assure that the upcoming year will be a turning point in the life for everyone including me.)

Be cool and stay cool.