The cure for the broken mind is only the words and feelings. The both were the cause for broking and those two will only heal.

Acting harshly and spitting harsh words breaks the mind. Speaking kindly and sharing feelings will only fix it.

Knowingly or unknowingly, don’t be harsh. Some may not take it seriously, but those with soft hearts will definitely be harmed. We see often someone cries even at small things. And there are some who will act as nothing has happened and casually goes on.

The sooner you able to differentiate the people around you, the better your life will be with people around you.

Live kindly.

Be cool and stay cool.


A good mind will always thinks the correct way to go, but a perfect mind will always thinks the exact way to go.

There is a huge difference between them but only a small distance separates them.

Good minds will need to have a specific time, situation, and will make decisions according to the person involved in.

Whereas the perfect mind will see no such things. Whenever, where ever it will be perfect.

Good mind may sometimes worry after the decision which is negative in a perfect mind.

To be a perfect mind, you must be cool in all aspects.

It may takes time, but it will never go wrong.

Be cool and stay cool.