Never keep your heart always opened because everyone who comes in are not like as you thought. Keep the doors always closed.

If someone is truly loving you they will be enter into your heart even before you realise as no door can be able to stop the real love.

Be a rough hearted person because the world is like that and you can’t do anything still being a soft hearted person.

If your heart beats gets hyped because of seeing someone, it may not because of love. Since I believe that we get cool and composed along with every comfortable on seeing the true love.

Heart is the most important one to take care of. Keep it cool to enjoy your life.

Be cool and stay cool.


Don’t find fault in me, I know that I was wrong and I am the one who is responsible for it. If you ever find a fault then correct me, just don’t announce it to everyone as none of you have done anything wrong.

I had made mistakes and I will correct it soon. And tomorrow too if I make another one, it too can be corrected by me later.

For those who backbite the fault in me, you have no right to do so it.

Those who encourage me during my bad times and clapped for my good deeds only has the right to shout at me while doing a mistake and they can lead me away from doing anything wrong in the future.

To be precise, those who are fake around me, please get out of my life. Even if a single person stand beside me, I am totally happy for it.

A broken heart doesn’t like to broke another heart because it has felt the pain and doesn’t want anyone to felt it.

Be cool and stay cool.


I never earned anything I loved but there is a list of things I lost.

I lost the time by Crying for those who left me whom I loved but never cared for those who are loving me. Such a fool I am.

I lost the way the life is travelling by not focusing on the path due to the disturbance made by people around me. Now I am standing in a lonely forest where there is no way to exit and no one to help me out.

I lost faith in me but keeping my hope on god who knows what is happening with me and believing he shall restore the faith in me by leaving good ones around me.

I lost my heart somewhere inside me which only comes at night to remember the memories of why it is broken and last, helping my mind by not letting me sleep.

Loosing everything and standing alone like in a planet of Loneliness where Stress and depression came and put their hands on my shoulder to hang around with them lifelong.

Be cool and stay cool.

My wishes…

I want to cry,

Not for sadness but for happiness.

I want to eat,

Not for my body but for my sleep.

I want to sleep,

Not to take rest but to dream.

I need a hand,

Not for pushing me down

but for pulling me up.

I want a break,

Not from rushed life but from lonely life.

I want to go high,

Not by dying but by flying.

Be cool and stay cool.


We cry for little things,

We get afraid of nothing.

We dump huge love on others,

But they throw us just like a bird shed its


We welcome stress and were living together

with depression,

So no new worries and nothing will make

us tension.

We want to fly high in the sky like a bird,

But were living in deep underground because

We are still afraid.

Who are we? Asked someone,

But I refused to answer,

because everyone knows,

Who we are.


Never feel for someone who back stabbed you because your feelings doesn’t hurt him, but the revenge will.

And the revenge will only hurt him mentally not physically.

I am talking this not in a violence manner, but there are some who can be perfected by only means as I said above.

Never loose you respect anytime, anywhere.

If someone is backstabbing you that means he is afraid of you. Don’t fear, truth will only win but takes time.

Be cool and stay cool.

Let them go…

If you notice even a small signal from someone around you who is willing to leave you, just let them go.

Life has many up and downs, like that people come and go in your life.

It is hard to leave someone whom you love most. But you really loves that person so much, you may not want to hurt them by compelling them to stay in your life. If they just wanna leave just leave.

It may take some time to digest, but think what will happen if someone you love dies. You can’t do nothing, right. Cry, till all the memories go with your tears.

But, remember one thing. Don’t you be like that. Whatever the situation is, never leave who loves you.

Breaking a heart is the worst pain you can ever give to someone.

Be cool and stay cool.