The words from heart…

No matter

How many times

I Flop,

I still have

Within me

The Ray of Hope.

I know that

I won’t get

The life as I Like,

So what

Because Of it

I won’t get Sick.

The world is

So beautiful

To my Eyes,

Deep inside

I know that

It always Lies.

Soon the days

Will come

Where I Fly,

Over the crowd

Of the world

So High.

Be cool and stay cool.


Never keep your heart always opened because everyone who comes in are not like as you thought. Keep the doors always closed.

If someone is truly loving you they will be enter into your heart even before you realise as no door can be able to stop the real love.

Be a rough hearted person because the world is like that and you can’t do anything still being a soft hearted person.

If your heart beats gets hyped because of seeing someone, it may not because of love. Since I believe that we get cool and composed along with every comfortable on seeing the true love.

Heart is the most important one to take care of. Keep it cool to enjoy your life.

Be cool and stay cool.