Fight hard…

My advice for those who have fear as a barrier stopping them from going forward, First fight with your fear.

There is a high chance for creating a better world around you if you tries to become what you want.

Most of us leave our dream only as dream and settles in life in its drag.

You must not worry if you didn’t tried as hard as you can. Only those who missed the opportunity by situation can be worried. (I believe those will have a better future.)

Keep fighting. You are better than what you are capable of. Life isn’t hard. If it gives you everything simply, then there is no taste in having it.

Believe Become.

Be cool and stay cool.


We cry for little things,

We get afraid of nothing.

We dump huge love on others,

But they throw us just like a bird shed its


We welcome stress and were living together

with depression,

So no new worries and nothing will make

us tension.

We want to fly high in the sky like a bird,

But were living in deep underground because

We are still afraid.

Who are we? Asked someone,

But I refused to answer,

because everyone knows,

Who we are.


Close your eyes. Imagine the best thing to happen in your life. Lead your life towards it. Never look back. Don’t stop your moments. Forget everyone who stops you. Neglect those who tries to convert your mind. Peace is the key. Patience is the power. The will power should keep you pushing towards it. Remember, there is only one life and only one chance to make it. If you wish to be happy, then achieve it. Its your life, you can do it, You only can. Make your heart strong. Be ready to face everything. Promise to yourself. Harder the way, softer the life. Fight.

Be cool and stay cool.