Missing you a lot…

My eyes got blind,

No thoughts in mind.

My clock has stop,

And pulse has drop.

No feel, no pain

Due to inactive brain.

Walking countless steps,

Until the heart stops.

No sleeps, no dreams

No relief from it seems.

Come to me before its late

Or leave me to die in fate.

You are my missing part,

I am missing you a lot.

Be cool and stay cool.



Hearing kind words often from people around us will be a pleasant thing. It will be such a great one to see.

But today, we see only people speaking good in front of us and speaking bad about us to someone in back of us.

There is always a gang who doesn’t see anything good about us. But once when we unknowingly did anything bad, they spreads the news like a wildfire.

I don’t know what such people get from doing such those cheap things. I think people like those can’t able to digest their food without talking bad about someone. They watch like a Eagle on what is going okay others life. They don’t want someone to be happy around them.

To me, we can’t change those beings. We just have to walk across them. One day or other, their fate will play with them. Then can only they will change.

Stop spreading negativity. Concentrate on your own life.

Be good.

Be cool and stay cool.


At least once in a life everyone hates you. That isn’t a problem.

But, when everyone hates you in the same time, then there is a huge problem.

The people who love you more will hate you twice.

The fate has to be accepted by us.

The actors who smiles only in front of you and has heart full of hate upon you. When you know this and the fake smile will kill you as a slow poison.

We too can also say that, ‘I HATE YOU‘, but at that time only our lips speaks and our heart cries.

And we fool ourselves by thinking that only day they will understand me and comes to us for love.

For those person never lose your life for the one who left you, I know it’s hard but you have to go forward in life.

Be cool because the life has to teach you everything in this span of time. You only live once.


Whatever happens in your life, accept it as your fate.

It was already written by him that we cannot be able to change.

We curse him if for our bad luck.

But, we never praise for him for other deeds.

Try to be cool. It all can be understandable by only the matured ones.

Accept that this is your life. Make every moments count.

Never fall down by one bad moment. You have to go through everything.

Believe that good day is near.

Until then, keep all negative things aside.

If you can’t be happy, at least try not to be sad.