Don’t find fault in me, I know that I was wrong and I am the one who is responsible for it. If you ever find a fault then correct me, just don’t announce it to everyone as none of you have done anything wrong.

I had made mistakes and I will correct it soon. And tomorrow too if I make another one, it too can be corrected by me later.

For those who backbite the fault in me, you have no right to do so it.

Those who encourage me during my bad times and clapped for my good deeds only has the right to shout at me while doing a mistake and they can lead me away from doing anything wrong in the future.

To be precise, those who are fake around me, please get out of my life. Even if a single person stand beside me, I am totally happy for it.

A broken heart doesn’t like to broke another heart because it has felt the pain and doesn’t want anyone to felt it.

Be cool and stay cool.

Fake smiles…

Don’t know why?

But thinks that, as I started to cry when I was born and still Crying from that moment.

Everyone was happy to hear the sound of Crying when I was born. Today also the fake people around me likes to see me Crying to become happy.

I smiled , really I smiled at every instances but only my face mask gives that reaction of smiling not my soul.

I want to smile from my bottom of my heart at least once in my lifetime. It is okay to me that if it happens even at the time of my deathbed. But, sure want to smile.

Just a small desire of mine that not to die with the fake smiles in my whole life.

Be cool and stay cool.