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It takes lot of time and work to create such videos and I am damn sure that this video will make you feel positive with things you have.

The below animation video show us how to get satisfied with whatever we have. Animation made using flipaclip app.

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Video Description,

The greedy mind doesn’t get satisfied with whatsoever our life is filled with but when we change our view deep down, we know how lucky we are.

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There are three stages of character.

1). Which you learn from your parents and develop from what you sees in your childhood.

2). It comes to you when you get your maturity and live with it till you settle in your life.

3). The way you live as a example for your children and grandchildren.

Among these the 3rd is best, because a man never want his successors to be bad. Since, how bad he had been lived will hide and shows an example to his children.

And there is fourth which is never shown to anyone in your life. It may be good or bad, but will be with you forever. The true of a man is hidden behind that fourth type character.

You don’t have to change your character for living because it is like being a slave to someone.

You may have to change your character for a short time if any such situation arises.

Live cool.