Believe in yourself.

Believe that you can do it.

Believe that there is an unknown power above us.

Believe that the future will be as you like.

Believe that you are going in a right way.

Believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Believe in those who believes in you.

Believe that truth will win.

Believe that you are the coolest one.

Believe. Become.

Be cool and stay cool.


Don’t be shy to live in your own life style. They have no right to say how to live. Make them jealous.

Never depend on anyone to live. May be it will help in present, but in the future it may turn into the biggest mistake of your life.

Live with what you have today. Earn on your own. Make out the best in you.

Your path may look like damaged, do not change your path. It will lead you to a good end.

Stay cool. Believe in you.

Cry Alone…

The heart bleeds of the broken hearts. You can only understand the pain, because you only feel the pain.

Crying makes you feel better. Not with the people close to you. It only heals you temporarily.

But crying silently on the night while going to sleep is better. The drops of tears that fall on pillow has the power of healing your pain of the broken heart.

After that you will gain a huge amount of confidence in you, which moves forward your life.

Sleep long and wake up cool as everything was going fine in your life. Start a new journey where you see problems as a friend, who pushes you towards the success.


The future right in front of you will appear to be dark for you. But don’t forget that you are the light, who brings brightness to it.

But one thing, the light is in everyone’s hand. But, the amount of brightness is in your hand.

Never keep the foot backward even you walk through darkness. There has to be some hope and a believe on the road to brightness.