You are born to live until you die. The death will surely going to come one day. So you must not make it come. Everyone has their own problem which has to face bravely and move onto live. Never think of dying as it will invite you one day till you have to enjoy the life. The creator never gives problems which cannot be taken by his child. If suicide is the solution for every problems then everyone should have died by now. If you are unable to solve then wait, time has the solution for everything. Until then keep patience for your support. You are lucky to born in this world where you have beautiful days too. It may sooner be discovered, until then fight hard.

Be cool and stay cool.



The world is so beautiful to live on.

The beauty is not that which we see by our naked eye. It is way down hidden in our heart. We have to sense it.

Every ugly thing is once a beautiful material.

So does our life but it often works in opposite. First it shows the ugly side, then enters in the beautiful side.

But once it enters, it should be handled with care.

Don’t get dejected by the ugly life, soon it shows us the beautiful side.

Until then live cool and keep fighting.