Seeking answers to solve my problems.

Telling my problems to god by kneeling down before him.

Yearning for true ones to be around me.

A soul with me to share.

Waiting for happy life to come.

But days going on and light is not seen until now.

My heart has already broken but like is stabbing it again and again.

When the pain becomes unbearable,


Be cool and stay cool.



You are born to live until you die. The death will surely going to come one day. So you must not make it come. Everyone has their own problem which has to face bravely and move onto live. Never think of dying as it will invite you one day till you have to enjoy the life. The creator never gives problems which cannot be taken by his child. If suicide is the solution for every problems then everyone should have died by now. If you are unable to solve then wait, time has the solution for everything. Until then keep patience for your support. You are lucky to born in this world where you have beautiful days too. It may sooner be discovered, until then fight hard.

Be cool and stay cool.


Our whole life gets finished by finding the answers. We ran in search of an answer without knowing that it is a mystery and cannot be found but still wanna find it out. The question is,


Everyone has a different answer about their life but we always wants to copy others.

It may be fit for that person but if you think you want a same life like that, then you are not capable of changing your fate.

If you really wanna change your life, work hard. Write your own answer and change the fate of you.

If you studied well and wrote the exam then there is no need to worry about your result.

Be cool and stay cool.