As the sun doesn’t gets cool, so doesn’t my anger.

As the longing doesn’t fade away, so doesn’t my depression.

As the ocean doesn’t gets dry, so doesn’t my eyes.

As the desires doesn’t fulfil, so doesn’t my dreams.

Be cool and stay cool.





2 thoughts on “Poem…

  1. Your subject is one of a universal struggle, even when things are going well.

    Praying for you. Jesus can fill the empty space in your heart and give you everlasting purpose.

    Surprisingly, as well as diet, breathing can affect our emotions. I’m currently reading a book titled “BREATHE” by James Nestor. Although I’m still in the middle of it, I have already learned some techniques that have helped me with a couple of health issues. If you are able to check it out, perhaps it might be helpful to you? I bought mine on iTunes and am finding it such a great resource that I’m planning to get a paperback version through the local bookstore soon.

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