Oh! God.

Please give me some extra time in a day to spend on blog.

The time I open my eyes at morning to the the time I close on the night goes just like that.

Working in a job is essential to survive, but to reduce the Stress I get from it, I have to spend time over blog. So that people who knows me well will help me in coping the stress.

Hear my prayer, my creator.

Be cool and stay cool.

5 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Amen, my friend. I often feel time seeping away from me as well.

    I pray you will see the time to spend on your blog laid out before you. Through God all things are possible. Our faith enables us to receive the gifts he provides, and I am glad you share one of those gifts here with us. As much peace as I can provide and that you can find, friend. ❤

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