Don’t miss me…

Keep silence,

Don’t disturb me.

I am floating on

A darkest sea.

The waves uplift me

For a second,

However, I am gonna drown

At the end.

Waited for a saviour,

With some hope.

No one showed up,

So finally I drop.

I won’t be missed,

After I died.

Hence, not a soul

Will be cried.

Be cool and stay cool.

4 thoughts on “Don’t miss me…

  1. And I dipped my cap in the bleeding water, tears falling down my face . Another beautiful soul gone, missed and longed for. I reach into the bitter cold and try to revive you. I can only hope it’ll be enough.
    I hope you don’t mind the response:) your poem is really beautiful friend ! Keep inspiring 🙂 you’re awesome – Britt

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