Struggling now but will smile later…

Hope my writing in this blog is good. I feel comfortable to share my sorrows with you.

I started writing this blog in a way to help others by my words.

I isolated myself from others but found that I was not alone and there are more like me here.

During my early stages of blog I was so depressed and started sharing it here which gave me some relief.

I can’t say that I am out of depression now but the only good thing is that I found a way to be in control over the unnecessary thoughts running in my mind.

Over the period by reading more and more blogs, I understand what my life is going through but still not able to found a way out of it.

Recently I started publishing books(short stories) and my next book will talk about mental health. Writing this book is so hard but trying hard to complete it soon.

Hoping my days will come soon because I am starting to loose myself and having a fear that I will become a complete looser. I pray God to be with me always.

This journey with this blog will continue and I have hope that I will soon start to write about how I overcame the obstacles of life in near future and help others through it.

Be cool and stay cool.

22 thoughts on “Struggling now but will smile later…

  1. There is something theraputic about writing. I suppose its thoughts realized–a way to process our inner voice that plagues our minds. I found that through poetry I find myself resolving things I didn’t even know troubled my mind. Somethings even make me feel worse, but its important to resolve them.
    I have OCD and that combined with depression is just a perfect storm. It’s extremely difficult for me to pull out of it due to my thoughts repeating like a broken record. But I’ve found that pulling away from others is absolutely the worst thing possible to do. Jumping out of my shell and interacting with others, although forced, helps to pull me out. Especially people who suffer from the same issues as me.
    If being an OCD depressed introvert has taught me anything, it is to appreciate the beauty of art and its healing nature; to jump out of bed and care about my relationships with others (and to accept that others want to be in my life); and that a routine is crucial.
    It sounds like you are on the right path friend. And I believe you have a voice that needs to be heard. People who are depressed feel like no one understands them, and rightfully so, because there is such a negative connotation regarding mental health in most cultures.
    Keep on writing, and I look forward to reading more from you!

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  2. I understand how it feels to be isolated and frustrated by what you are experiencing. You are not alone.

    One of the scriptures that I mediate on when I feel down is Psalm 42:5. Often I tend to forget everything God has done for me and the promises He continues to fulfill.

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  3. I am happy to see that there many people out there using a platform like this to vent out just like me. I feel it therapeutic to write them down. And when you have captured your reader’s hearts, it feels like you have been heard. For me, that’s very comforting.
    Whatever you are going through, I just wanna say, “hang in there”, because life can change in a second. Just give it a chance.

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  4. You may not want to be a loser, but you might want to be a looser. Spelling is important at times. A loser is a person or thing that loses or has lost something. Loose means not firmly fixed in place or not attached. As a verb, though, it means “to set free, or release”.

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  5. You write short stories? You might enjoy the NYC Midnight competitions!! I do them (short story, flash fiction, and microfiction) and they’re lots of fun! They also have some screenwriting contests that I don’t participate in.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your struggle with depression. I was in ministry and poured myself into helping others. My wife and I were deeply wounded by some individuals, as well as suffered numerous losses, as well as some other stressors. Long story shortened, I fell into a deep, dark pit. I felt like a complete failure, and God seemed a million miles away. I didn’t even realize how close to the edge I was until I spoke to a doctor. When I first started blogging I wrote more on theological issues, but then one day I just thought my time would be better spent trying to encourage others. All this to say, you’re not the only one who struggles with this, and thank you for using your gift to try to encourage us and lending us hope! Blessings!

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