Feeling alone…

All though this feel is not new but nowadays being alone gives me the feel of being in a grave where I am able to see, hear, move and do all the things as a normal being but without heart.

It is always broken, no matter how many times you wish to fix it. It always finds a way to be in such state, so there is no meaning of giving a try to fix it.

Crying like a child as I am unable to speak but it is hurting me inside. I need a permanent third hand which is always there for me in every situation. I am seeking it but was unable to find it as there is no such thing for me, I think.

Thousands of questions are still running on my mind which is making me to run to find the answers. Life is still struggling.

No more tears are coming out from my eyes as it too loses the hope that my hand will come to wipe it out.

Be cool and stay cool.

8 thoughts on “Feeling alone…

  1. Beautifully written. I have the opposite problem… it’s most people around me that make me feel alone because they all seem so fake while I am desperately trying to feel. It is only a very few people that make me feel alive!

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  2. I agree with Oneta. Jesus has the answers. He both feels your pain and wants to help you find the joys He has for you. Even in a broken, fallen world, there is much joy to be had. If you turn your heart to Jesus, ask Him to help you, and then seek Him out (you can start reading the Bible, reading the Gospel acccording to John, aka, “John”). Or you can start reading the Proverbs. The Psalms are a bit messy as they deal with unruly emotions and the kinds of thoughts that most of us try not to share except with the most trusted friends. But I find comfort in knowing that God cares about our struggles and He knows about our messy emotions whether or not we share them with Him. If you want to ask God to send you a friend to walk with Jesus with you, you may be surprised by God’s answer. Surprised in a good way. At least, I hope so.
    May God bless you! If you seek Jesus long enough, I think you will find that He wants to give you the peace and joy that you have been looking for.

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      1. Jesus loves you!!! He created you to enjoy you and so that you could enjoy being alive.

        My internet access is limited for blogging. So, I was wanting to give you some starting points, in case you want to seeking Jesus on your own.

        We serve a powerful, fun, glorious, and totally just and righteous creator. Reading the Bible on your own may open your eyes to that. Other books that may shed light on some of the stories in the Bible are C.S. Lewis’s “Narnia” series. HInt: the books are SO MUCH BETTER than the movies, though the movies aren’t bad. Just now, I’m reading, actually listening to, “WHAT I LEARNED IN NARNIA” by Douglas Wilson. Another book close to my heart is Tedd Tripp’s “SHEPHERDING A CHILD’S HEART”. I have no memory of access to or contact with this book during my child-raising years, and I deeply regret that because I feel it might have been very helpful. I’m planning to give my daughter and her husband this book for Christmas in the hopes that it will bless them as they train their own children. But the genius of this book is that one needn’t be a parent, or even have access to children, to benefit from it. As I prayerfully work my way through this book, I am seeing pitfalls in my own character that I need God to deal with. It has been a huge, SIMPLY HUGE, blessing. Finally, I’d like to point you to the writings and youtube videos of Mark DeJesus. Some months ago, I bought the audio version of his excellent book “GOD LOVES ME, AND I LOVE MYSELF”. That’s another book I wish I could have read many years ago, and I plan to be listen to it and keep on listening to it for the rest of my life. Along with the Bible.

        If you ask God to show you in a tangible way His love for you, He will. One of the ways he shows His love for me is through dinosaurs: for Mother’s Day this year, a couple of my girls bought me dinosaur handkerchiefs all the way from Germany. Now that was a great Mother’s Day gift! It showed me that God really does get me: my likes and my sense of humor. And I know he can do the same for you. So ask God to show you how much He delights in you. Then write His answer down and read it back to yourself on those days when life is a bit harder. God is for you. How I pray that you will be able to see that!

        Best Regards,

        “Gwennon R”, aka, just “Gwennon”

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  3. Feeling alone means different things to different people. Feeling alone is tough, I’ve been there. It was only one thing that could bring me out of my loneliness and that was a relationship with Jesus. God brought comfort, joy and peace into my life, while all the materials things, relationships and money could not. Having a personal relationship with God changes everything; it is the answer to our loneliness.

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