There is always one who is in taught of you. He/she may be your parent, sibling, friend, neighbour, lover or anyone.

When you find that one, you feel you are so lucky to have him/her.

When you start to share things with him/her, you feel free yourself in your heart.

But, it’s hard to find that someone.

Lucky people will find them quick. Others are not unlucky, they will find them. But, when you are too depressed and stresses and start to worry about you, the one will come to you.

The one will may not able to solve your problems, but can share it with them.

The burden you have will gets minimised when you share with them.

Likewise there is always one who you care most in your life. When they don’t understands you and don’t want you in their life, that time the one who cares you most might look like GOD to you.

Be with that one.

Stay cool.

You can get harm but you can’t harm anyone.


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