Live cool…

The major problem for today’s most people is worrying about the fact, what will others think of us if do that (something which we like to do, but afraid of others.)

You think is that a right way of living. Thinking, worrying, afraid of theirs.

Looks good as others appreciate your way of living, having respect, making good name in the society.

But, the feel that heart gains. The pain that buried deep inside you. The life you lived doesn’t make sense.

When you are aged and look back at your memories, you can’t find you. The all others who you afraid of will stood their.

And the thought will come on your mind at least a second will be “what a waste of life I have lived.”

Think. Live cool. Don’t let others ruin your Life.

There is always time to start new life even if it lasts few seconds, but the happiness you get of that will last longer.


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